We’ve got the Car Magic

We’ve got the Magic! Let our local experts restore your car with dent removal, interior repair, paint touch up and bumper repair. We have talented magicians (I mean technicians) all around your hometown of Ft unnamed-8Walton, Pensacola, Tallahassee Florida; Atlanta, GA; & Mobile, AL.! Contact us for a FREE Estimate.  Let us make your car look and feel new again!


How can Interior Magic repair my car’s rips, stains, headlights & wheels in Mobile, Al?

If someone told you that there is one company that can repair your leather or upholstery tears, remove your stains and smells, make you alloy wheels look like new by removing those scratches, restore your headlights so they are shiny and new, clean your seat belts, replace your graphic buttons on your dashboard that have worn off; would you believe that Interior Magic is the one company that can do all that and more! “It’s like Plastic Surgery for you Car!”  They are the leaders in automotive appearance reconditioning and repair.

Contact us here for a FREE Estimate from our Mobile franchise. Let us make your car look and feel new again. We are the leaders in this industry.

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