Dirty Car Seats!

Does your car need a little TLC? Let Interior Magic help you clean your seats and remove your stains. If you are getting ready for a trade-in or turn back, we can get your car to look and feel new again! Interior Magic, “it’s like plastic surgery for your car!” Contact us for a FREE Estimate.  This is just one of many services we offer at Interior Magic Mobile.

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Replace those worn-off graphic buttons

Does your dashboard look like this? Interior Magic can get your dashboard to look like new again. “It’s like plastic surgery for you car”  We have graphic replacements for Chevy, Buick, or GMC buttons that are rubbing off.  This is a quick fix and we would love to schedule an appointment, click here for a Free Estimate.  Interior Magic is the leader in automobile appearance reconditioning. What does that mean? How about if there is something wrong (tears, stains, smells, rips) with the inside of your car, the headlights are yellow or cloudy, or your Alloy wheels are scratched – we are your go-to company for repairs! Let us help you in the Mobile, Alabama area. Call 251-604-3730.

Graphic Replacement Interior Magic

How can Interior Magic repair my car’s rips, stains, headlights & wheels in Mobile, Al?

If someone told you that there is one company that can repair your leather or upholstery tears, remove your stains and smells, make you alloy wheels look like new by removing those scratches, restore your headlights so they are shiny and new, clean your seat belts, replace your graphic buttons on your dashboard that have worn off; would you believe that Interior Magic is the one company that can do all that and more! “It’s like Plastic Surgery for you Car!”  They are the leaders in automotive appearance reconditioning and repair.

Contact us here for a FREE Estimate from our Mobile franchise. Let us make your car look and feel new again. We are the leaders in this industry.

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Leather Scratch Repair

If your leather seats look like they were in a cat fight and lost, you need to have your leather repaired at Interior Magic Mobile. We are the leaders in automotive appearance reconditioning.

This Chevy Silverado looks and feels like new again! Interior Magic, “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!”

Our trained technicians are experienced in restoring your car’s interior. Click here for more of our services. For a free estimate, click here and send us your photos.


Headlight Restoration

Is it  hard for you to see at night? Maybe it’s not your eyes, but the fact that your headlights are cloudy looking and not projecting your high and low beans accurately.  Interior Magic can help restore your headlights quickly and economically. What are you waiting for? Call 770-594-6376 or click here for a free estimate. Our tried and true process works on all makes and models. This example is from an Audi.


Seat Belt Cleaning

This is one of those things that you don’t even realize how dirty it is, until you see it cleaned!  Do you need your seat belts cleaned? That is another great service that Interior Magic provides as the leader in automotive appearance reconditioning. Send us an image for a FREE Estimate.  Remember to always buckle up as seat belts save lives!10630603_10152842924753109_6799462763572977027_o-300x196

Alloy Wheel Tire Repair

Did you hit a curb? Maybe you don’t even know how the alloy wheels got scratched, but you do know they need to be repaired. Interior Magic Mobile can make them look and feel like new again.

Alloy painted wheels that have been scratched or faded, or that show curb damage, can be restored to a like-new finish by one of our certified wheel repair technicians. The wheels are repaired, primed and painted, and a clear coat is applied. Each wheel is color matched to the specific vehicle. Alloy painted wheels can be repaired on-site and without removing the wheel or tire.

We can also repaint them a different color if you want! Click here for a FREE estimate.  “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!”


Interior Seat Repair

Do the holidays have you busting at the seams? Well we can’t fix your pants, but we can fix your automobile seats! Read all about our seat repair here. Interior Magic…it’s like plastic surgery for your car!

Click here for a FREE Estimate.


10% OFF Services for First Responders, Military, and Veterans

homeofthebraveAtlanta Dent Company and it’s sister companies, Interior Magic and Atlanta Auto Color are proud to offer this LUCKY 10% discount to our first responders, military, and veterans this St. Patrick’s Day.  The offer is valid for the next 60 days on services valued at more than $100. No additional coupons accepted and not valid on hail damage.  For all the services we offer including paintless dent removal, leather repair, bumpers, paint touch up, alloy wheel repair, headlight restoration, removal of stains and smells, and more; please visit our website. We have free estimates and you can email them to sales@atlantadent.com.   Please share this information with anyone you know that is a first responder, in the military or a veteran. They can show proof of profession upon estimate.  All repairs will be done at 993 Mansell Road, Suite B, Roswell, GA.


“We make your car look and feel new again!” Atlanta Dent Company

“We are like plastic surgery for your car!” Interior Magic

“Yes, we can match that color!” Atlanta Auto Color


Give your car a FACELIFT!

If your lease is approaching, we can help the cosmetic look and feel of your car. Sadly, your car has aged and been used and abused. If only it were this easy for us to turn back the hands of  time!

Whether it’s a lease or trade in, we can help reduce the price of your next new car purchase by increasing your current car’s trade in value. Some quick cosmetic fixes can help that Kelley Blue Book price! We fix dings, repair tears in leather, color match paint for scratches, and remove stains/smells.  Interior Magic says, “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!”  Atlanta Dent Company says, “We May It Look & Feel New Again!” Atlanta Auto Color says, “We Can Match That!”

Look at this 2007 Chevy Malibu seat that was brought back from the dead! Thanks Steve Miller for the great work.