Give your car a FACELIFT!

If your lease is approaching, we can help the cosmetic look and feel of your car. Sadly, your car has aged and been used and abused. If only it were this easy for us to turn back the hands of  time!

Whether it’s a lease or trade in, we can help reduce the price of your next new car purchase by increasing your current car’s trade in value. Some quick cosmetic fixes can help that Kelley Blue Book price! We fix dings, repair tears in leather, color match paint for scratches, and remove stains/smells.  Interior Magic says, “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!”  Atlanta Dent Company says, “We May It Look & Feel New Again!” Atlanta Auto Color says, “We Can Match That!”

Look at this 2007 Chevy Malibu seat that was brought back from the dead! Thanks Steve Miller for the great work.